Parichay of Chikankari – An Intro

The craft of Chikankari work, often referred to as Lucknowi Chikan, is over 400 years old with a firm presence in the Indian and global fashion fraternity as its unique sensibility flaunts grace and elegance as subtly as the wearer pleases. Having its roots in the Nawabi City of Lucknow, Chikankari incorporates approximately 36 different stitching techniques that in modern times are often combined with embellishments of pearls, mirror and Mukaish. Lucknowi Chikankari apparels often use floral patterns or motifs due to the strong influence of Persian aesthetics on this craft. An authentic Chikankari apparel may be a combination of different Chikankari stitches used within one whole pattern viz. Makra, Kaudi, Hatkadi, Sazi, Karan, Kapkapi, Dhania-patti, Jora, Bulbul and many more. There are also 10 principle stitches made from raw skeins of thread, they are Jali, Tepchi, Murri, Bakhiya, Zanzeera, Hool, Phanda, Rahet, Keel Kangan, Khatua.

Safarnama (Evolution) of Chikankari

The rare Craft has evolved as a Style Statement for Classes over the years. Traditionally, Chikan work was done on Muslin cloth, white thread on white fabric and nowadays the craft can be seen on various fabrics and colors, popularly pastels. The types of flowers (including their stems, Buti, leaves and Paisley motifs), as well as their stylizations, have varied throughout time to keep up with fashion trends, but in general have remained fairly intricate and delicate.

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